Sunday, February 19, 2023

Christian Anzinger

Teaching Languages : English, German, Italian

An Austrian and Italian citizen, was born in Linz (Austria) on 11 June 1954. He graduated in violin at the Privatuniversität Anton Bruckner in Linz, and at the University of Music in Vienna. 

He teaches violin at the Conservatory of Music G. Verdi of Milan. He is a jury member for the most important violin competitions and numerous master classes internationally (including in the context of Erasmus). He has been active as a soloist with orchestras, and in duo with piano. 

Besides the violin, his field of specialization and expertise are ensemble music, and orchestral ensemble, musical theory and composition (including choral composition), singing, pianoforte, producing and recording of music, as well as theatrical and church music, the latter with particular emphasis on the educational values that it transmits. He considers it to be his mission to teach violin at the highest possible level, in order to make students understand the essence of art.

Since 2012, he is the Vice President of the Foundation "House of the Spirit and the Arts", Milan (I), whose purpose is to bring, through all the arts, a spiritual enrichment to the contemporary world, in order to help people in need. 

From 2014, he is also a member of the Committee of the scientific and cultural Association "Pensare oltre", whose purpose is to reaffirm the real educational values in young people. For Maestro Anzinger, "the study of music and of a musical instrument is always a spiritual commitment; it is not sufficient to talk only about technique or musicality, because the secrets of music lie in the depths of the soul, and there, everything must be discovered. Music is pure spirituality, and in spirituality, the real teaching begins.