Sunday, October 29, 2017

Keiko Urushihara

   July 17 - 26, 2018
   English, Japanese 

Keiko Urushihara began to make her mark in the music world while still attending the high school attached to the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music. 
In 1981, she took the first place at the 8th Wieniawski International Competition - the youngest performer and the first Japanese to win this prize and six other prizes there as well. 

In 1982, she entered the University and began her career actively as a violinist. Her activities since then include concert tours to Poland and Germany, guest TV appearances and performances at prestigious music festivals like "Prague Spring". 
She was also selected as one of the soloists for the 1991 tour of Europe by the Japan Philharmonic and she performed with the Osaka Century Orchestra on their Asia Tour in 1996. 

Keiko Urushihara has performed under the baton of Vladimir Spivakov, Ervin Lukacs, Jiri Belahovek, Ferdinand Leitner and Heinrich Schiff, among others and played with such orchestras as State Chamber Orchestra Virtuosi di Moscow, Hungarian National Symphony Orchestra, Slovak Philharmonic, Vienna Symphony, Warsaw National Philharmonic and St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Over the years, Keiko Urushihara has released a large number of CDs and she presently spends some of her time teaching at both the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music, and the National University of the Arts in Japan. 

Her consistently high level of performance has gained her a great following. She enjoys the trust and admiration of not only her fans and students but also conductors, other performers both at home and abroad. 

Keiko Urushihara begann ihre musikalische Karriere an der High School, welche an die Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music angeschlossen ist. 
1981 erhielt sie den ersten Preis beim 8. Wieniawski International Concours als jüngste Künstlerin und erste Japanerin, die diesen Preis jemals gewonnen hat. 
1982 begann sie in Tokio zu studieren. Sie konzertierte in Polen und Deutschland, war Gast im Fernsehen und spielte auf weiterin bekannten Musikfestivals wie dem Prager Frühling. 

Keiko Urushihara wurde 1991 als Solistin für die Europatour der Japan Philharmonic ausgewählt und schon fünf Jahre später trat sie gemeinsam mit dem Osaka Century Orchestra während dessen Asientour auf. 

Sie spielte unter der Leitung zahlreicher berühmter Dirigenten wie Vladimir Spivakov, Ervin Lukacs, Jiri Belahovek, Ferdinand Leitner und H. Schiff, und konzertierte mit Orchestern wie den Staatlichen Kammervirtuosen Moskau, dem Ungarischen Nationalorchester, der Slovakischen Philharmonie, den Wiener Symphonikern, der Warschauer National-Philharmonie und dem St. Petersburger Philharmonischen Orchester. 

Derzeit lehrt Keiko Urushihara sowohl an der Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music als auch an der National University of the Arts, Japan.