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Christian Anzinger

    August 8 - August 17, 2019
   English, German, Italien

Christian Anzinger was born in Linz, Austria and studied violin at the Anton Bruckner University with Prof. Franz Wall, in Vienna at the University of Music and at the Mozarteum with Prof. Franz Samohyl, in the USA in Meadowmount with Ivan Galamian and in Nizza with Leonid Kogan.

Firsts engagements still as a student with the Chamber Orchestra of Bad Hall, the Anton Bruckner Orchester in Linz Austria.and in Italy with the Orchestra of the Roman Opera House and later member of the Solisti Aquilani and the Passauer Streichquartett ,touring all over the world.

Associated Professor of violin at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan, Christian Anzinger held many Masterclasses in Europe, among others at the Latvian Academy of Music in Riga, Musikanten Amalfi , Scuola d´archi Salernitana and Aiac Academaia in Saint Rhemy en Bosses.

In all these years Christian Anzinger developed a particular method of teaching the violin, including all inner aspects while playing to perform at the highest level.

Many times he was invited to give conferences at Universties, for instance at he University of Teramo, Italy at the department ::"Researches of personality" (Ricerche Personalistiche). Before Masterclasses of Violin he gave conferences with the theme"Interpretation and Sprituality in Music, Arts and violin playing"

Christian Anzinger is Co-Founder of the Foundation "La Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti" in Milan, trying to give a new impulse to all Arts in a perspective of a new humanism.

He is also member of the Foundation Board "Laus Plena" in Lugano Switzerland for creating peace and understanding between religions through music.

Christian Anzinger also thinks that in this difficult time it is necessary that all artists should be engaged in social activities for creating better circumstances of life for everybody.and young musicians should be educated to become artists also in this sense.
Christian Anzinger is also Jury Member of one of the most important Violin competitions, the "Vasesia International Violin Competition" where candidates already winners or finalists of the most important violin competitions of the world come to compete between themselves.

His students are members of the Orchestra "Teatro alla Scala, Milan, the Kremerata Baltica, the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Verbier International Junior Orchestra.

Recently, Prof. Christian Anzinger has been appointed Member of the Science and Culture Committee of "PENSARE OLTRE", an international association which wants to ameliorate the educational system by arts. 

Christian Anzinger geboren in Linz, Austria hat am Brucknerkonservatorium mit Prof. Franz Wall studiert und sein Violinstudium mit der hoechsten Bewertung abgeschlossen. Anschliessend Studium mit Prof. Franz Samohyl am Mozarteum Salzburg und an der Wiener Musikhochschule, Masterclass mit Leonid Kogan in Nizza. Begegnung mit Ivan Galamian in Meadowmount(USA).

Erste Engagements mit dem Bad Haller Kammerorchester und dem Anton Bruckner Orchester in Linz, Austria. Mitglied des Passauer Streichquartettes
Anschliessend Mitglied des Orchesters der roemischen Oper, Teatro dell'Opera di Roma und den Solisti Acquilani. Derzeit Violinprofessor am Conservatorio G.Verdi ,Mailand.

Kollaboration mit der Universitaet von Teramo "Ricerche Personalistiche" ueber das Thema"Spiritualitaet in der Musik und der Interpretation"

Masterclass mit der Associazione Musikanten in Minori, Amalfi, Konferenz ueber Spiritualitae in der Musik und anschliessende Masterclass fuer Violine an der Latvian Academy of Music in Riga, Lettonien
Koferenz ueber Spiritualitaet in der Musik und anschliessende Masterclass fuer Violine an der AIAC AKADEMAIA in Saint Rhemy en Bosses.
Mehrere Masterclass fuer Violine mit der Scuola d'Archi Salernitana in Salerno

Mehrere Male Mitglied der Jury des VALSESIA INTERNATIONAL VIOLIN COMPETITION. Ein Wettbewerb der Finalisten und Preisstraeger der wichtigsten Violinwettbewerbe der Welt 

Seit 2012 Mitbegruender der Stiftung "La Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti"Mailand,d ie versucht durch alle Kuenste zur Verbesserung des Weltgeistes einen Beitrag zu geben.
Seit 2015 Mitglied des Aufsichtsrates der Stiftug "LAUS PLENA" in Lugano,Schweiz, die versucht das Welterbe der geistlichen Musik aller Konfessionen der Welt zu retten.
Die Studenten von Christian Anzinger sind unter anderem Mitglieder der Orchester der Mailaender Scala,der KREMERATA BALTICA,London Philharmonic Orchestra.